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George and Georgina Legal Consult is a leading full-service independent law firm in the United States and around the Globe offering you a full circle of legal services whether you are a local or international client.

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To provide world class and client-tailored solutions to the peculiar needs of our clients. We seek to help our clients move to the next level and to impact their business helping them to grow by providing top notch business-centred legal services.

Adoption Law 90%
Inheritance Law 95%
Real Estate Law 90%
Insurance Law 95%

Practice Areas

We provide a wide range of legal services across many disciplines.

Trademarks & Patent

We are one of the leading law firms which undertake matters touching and concerning Intellectual Property Rights.

Immigration Consultancy

We assist our foreign clients in regularizing their stay in UK by assisting them get work and residence permits.

Business Law

George and Georgina Legal Consult and Solicitors have team of experienced lawyers offering an extensive range of business law services.

Drafting & Conveyance of Lease

For a company to derive protection of its trade name and marks there's the need to have them registered at the Registrar Generals

Inheritance & Will

George and Georgina Legal Consults and Solicitors Inheritance, Wills and Probate Team provides specialists in resolving inheritance related problems.

Legal Transaction Advisors

We offer advice on the raising of capital by companies. We have dealt with many such companies and enabled them raise capital.

30 Years of Experienced in Various cases

We help people effectively fight their offenders back and successfully defend their own stand!


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With offices in United Kingdom, South Africa, United States and around the Globe, our attorneys and paralegals are well-positioned to handle all of the personal and business issues affecting our clients throughout these Countries.


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CEO,Senior Attorney

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Managing Partner, Attorney

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Managing Partner, Attorney

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Managing Partner, Attorney